Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Yesterday, I took the day off to do some last minute things to get ready for school to start on Wednesday. (Yes. I waited until the LAST minute to go buy school supplies and just found the last package of Elmer's glue sticks in NWA at lunch!)

I took all of the girls to get haircuts. Emma is growing her hair out for Beautiful Lengths (click here to find out more about that program). I am so proud of her for doing this as it was all her idea. So, we just trimmed a few of the dead ends off to keep it healthy and growing.

Hannah was in DESPERATE need of a hair cut. Her hair is still pretty thin and looked so messy. So, she got a couple of inches cut off hers. It looks so pretty!

Catherine had the baby mullet going on. It was in serious need of some TLC. This was her first hair cut, but she LOVED IT! She still needs her front to catch up with the back, but it looks lots better.

Later that afternoon, the girls had a dentist appointment. Emma and Hannah are pros at the whole teeth cleaning thing. But, this was Catherine's first trip.

Emma and Hannah did great with their cleaning and x-rays. I am proud to report that there were NO cavities in their pearly whites. (Emma will be seeing an orthodontist after she looses two more teeth. Those puppies are BIG!)

Catherine was a little hesitant of opening her mouth. However, the hygenist and I coaxed her into getting her teeth brushed. But, as soon as that was done, Catherine snapped her mouth shut and wouldn't let them rinse or floss her teeth. When the denstist came over, she let him see the fronts of her teeth, but REFUSED to open. Finally, he pryed her mouth open long enough to make sure her teeth were in good shape. Everything looked great! (However, we need to work on our dental etiquete.)

The girls and I did a little shopping before heading home. I had such a fun day with them. And...keeping it real...there were moments when I realized I do not have the patience to be a SAHM.

(Sorry for the picture quality. I took all of these with my phone. I PROMISE I'm going to start carrying my camera again!)

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