Thursday, August 25, 2011

Movin' On Up

Our house is three bedrooms. When we bought it, it was just us and Emma. We knew we would have another baby (and I thought we would only have ONE more baby!), so three bedrooms was plenty big for our first house!

Then, we decided we should add a third little monkey into the mix. When we did, Emma and Hannah moved in together. Catherine got her own room because she woke up at night, went to bed earlier, etc (I guess the squeaky wheel does get the oil).

At first, Emma and Hannah LOVED sharing a room. They would stay up at night giggling and talking (and end up in trouble for staying up too late). It was so sweet. It was EXACTLY how I imagined sisters would be.

Then, the new wore off and reality set in. Hannah was 3 and so destructive. Emma wanted her own space and got tired of having to help clean up the messy room that her little sister single handedly destroyed. Hannah was sick of her sister bossing her around ALL.THE.TIME. So, the fighting and arguing started. It was insane and was slowly making me insane!

Fast forward to a few weeks ago: Finally, Catherine was ready to get out of the crib. So, the great room shuffle of 2011 began. My parents brought Emma's bedroom suite up from their storage building (which has been there for two years now!). Since our house is on the market and I am probably going to want to re-do all the rooms when we finally move, we used the bedding she had when Hannah came. (Plus, I think it was only used for about a year!)

I worked SO hard before my parents got there moving clothes from closet to closet, sorting toys, and re-arranging furniture. I got Hannah and Catherine's room "live-in" ready (still a few things to hang, etc. I'll post pics when that's done.).

When my parents got here, my mom and I got Emma's room all decorated and organized. Once it was done, we called her in there to see her new room. I wish I would have taken a picture. She was SO excited and loves her little escape from her sisters.

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Connie said...

Very cute! Great job!