Friday, August 26, 2011

Who's Your Daddy?

I am sure you have noticed that Catherine has a very "camera-ready" face. As soon as I put my camera up, she says "CHEEEEEESE" and smiles that big, crazy, tilt-my-head-back-so-far-you-can-see-up-my-nose smile.

I always wondered where in the WORLD she learned that. Why does my child go into "crazy smile" mode when she sees a camera (or iPhone)?

I thought it was from two years of me saying "Girls! Look at me! Now...Cheeeeeeessse!" 

(Ok...I really say "Girls! Look at me! Hannah put your hands down. Emma, no bunny ears or peace signs. Catherine put your shirt down. Hannah Brooke do NOT lift up your dress. Now...Cheeeeese!")

However, I am not to blame. This is OBVIOUSLY not a learned behavior. It's genetic.

Yes...that's Travis. Apparently, along with the melt-my-heart dimples came this weird unique smile. (Thank God for the dimples!)

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Connie said...

Too cute (and funny)!