Saturday, October 1, 2011

Deer Season

Today marks the first day of deer season (and the day that Travis eats, sleeps and dreams hunting).

I am not a hunter and when Travis and I first got married, I despised this time of year. But, as time has gone one, I have started to enjoy it (in small doses!). Travis goes hunting and enjoys himself. The girls and I stick around the house and have fun girl time. Each year it becomes more and more fun when he's gone.

(Don't get me wrong, after about Thanksgiving, I am over it. All of it. I just want my husband to be home!)

To support Travis in his favorite hobby, the girls and I went with him to check his game cameras and corn feeder.

We saw lots of tracks.

Took in the beautiful scenery.


And posed for pictures.

While Travis did this....

After about 30 minutes of "fun", most of us were ready to go....

But, she had to be escorted to the car.

Happy Hunting!

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