Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Recap

These weekends are starting to all look the same on the blog. But, what can I say...WE LOVE OUR HOGS!

This weekend, Travis and I went to the game with our friends. I thought the girls might be sad that we were leaving them with a baby sitter for the second time in about a month. But, they basically shoved us out of the door when Miss Sabrina got there!

We had such a fun day tailgating and cheering on our Hogs. It was even sweeter when the game ended and we had put the smack down on Auburn!

While Travis and I were cheering the Razorbacks to victory, the girls were having fun playing with Miss Sabrina...and picking up this bad habit:

Cowboys? Really? YUCK!

Sunday, we had plans for church and the pumpkin patch. That all came to a screeching halt when Catherine woke up with a low grade fever and more snot than a used nasal aspirator. We stayed home and cuddled with the sickie.

She's feeling lots better today and we are all ready for our busy week ahead! Happy Monday!

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Anonymous said...

You said your post is starting to look the same, having fun with family/friends is all that matters!