Friday, October 21, 2011

Last weekend

So, before this weekend starts, I think it would be a good idea to update everyone on what we did last weekend.

Travis went hunting last weekend (AGAIN), so it was just the girls and I. Friday night, we cooked Fettucini Alfredo and watched "Princess and the Frog". We didn't stay up too late because the girls and I were both worn out from the week before.

Saturday, we got up and cleaned house (I did...the girls watched cartoons). Around lunch time, we went to the park to play and enjoy the nice weather. The girls had a ball. Catherine especially loved swinging.

After playing for a few hours, we headed home to answer the call of our rumbling tummies. :)

Saturday night, the girls stayed with Miss Ashley and played, while I went to Miss Kim's birthday party. Tara decorated and it was GORGEOUS! Such a fun night to celebrate a friend's birthday.

I was kind of a party pooper and headed home before 10pm. The girls were still up, so we cuddled and vegged out to another movie ("Gnomeo and Juliet"). It was a fun night.

Sunday was a pretty typical day. Playing. Napping. Getting ready for the week.

Happy Friday!

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