Monday, October 31, 2011

Our Weekend, A Rant and Cuteness

This weekend was by far the most low key weekend we have had in a LONG time. Travis was hunting (shocker!) and the girls and I had no plans.

Friday night, I cooked dinner and we watched the last game of the World Series on TV. I thought I was undecided since I like both the Rangers and the Cardinals, but I found myself cheering for the Rangers when Travis and I were watching the other games.

As the game was about to start, we were talking about who we were cheering for. Hannah said "What do the Rangers outfits look like?" I told her they had on blue hats. She saw them and said "OOOO! Pretty! I choose them to win". (This was a proud moment for me. Not because she chose the Rangers, but because she chose based on "outfit". That's how I pick my bets at the horse races.)

Saturday, Emma had a girls day birthday party to go to. She left about 10 that morning. When she left, Catherine starting crying, "My Emma. Myyyyyyy Emma!". Hannah watched them drive away, looked at me with sad eyes and said "I just really miss Emma already." It is SO sweet how despite the fighting, they love each other SO much! (But, I am not sure Emma was missing these two at her pedicure appointment.)

Hannah, Catherine and I spent the day playing Barbies and Littlest Pet Shop. At one point, I was laying...lying (whatever the correct verb is) on the floor playing with Hannah. Catherine climbed on my back, put her arms around my neck and said "I wub ooo!" MELT.MY.HEART.

We also watched the Razorback game. WARNING: Here is my rant:

I was EXTREMELY disappointed in the behavior of Wade. I understand that it's possible intensity caused him to hit the Vandy player and draw the penalty. I have no doubt things like that are going to happen. I had the biggest issue with his actions AFTER the hit while the Vandy player was still laying on the ground not moving. He chest pounding and cheering was extremely inappropriate. While he is still young (a true freshmen), he represents the U of A and the state of Arkansas. There must come a point where integrity is more important than intensity. I was VERY embarrassed of my team and hate that of all the great plays in the game Saturday, the one that has been on the forefront of the highlights is that hit. I hope that he is suspended from a game or two. But, mostly, I hope he learns his lesson and represents us the way he should in the coming years. Rant over.

(Bet you thought I was going to go off about our poor defense or our slow start. Not today...that goes without saying.)

Emma got back and her friend, Kerinan, Kerinan's mom and little brother hung out and played for a little while. After they left, we had an impromptu dance party in the kitchen. I taught the girls The Sprinkler and The Butterfly. (Unfortunately, this is my blog and there are NO pics of that.)

Sunday morning, we went to church and lunch with the Browns.

Travis got home just as the girls were waking up from a nap. We played outside for a while until Catherine melted into a pile of tears and snot over a basketball. I thought we better take that inside as not to alarm the neighbors.

Travis and the girls carved their pumpkin. Also, "Aunt" Sue gave the girls these SUPER cute (and easy) faces you just poke in the pumpkin. So, while Travis was cutting the jack-o-lantern, the girls created those.

Happy Halloween!

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