Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Horse, Marshmellows and Pumpkins...


Saturday while Travis was hunting, the girls and I went to Nicole and Aaron's for some football and lots of fall fun!

Nicole's house looks SO cute and she had the back porch all set up for fall. She had plenty of activities for the kids to do and lots of yummy food for everyone.

After recovering from the anxiety of the Hogs win over A&M, we sat out back and watched the kids play and ride horses. It was SO fun. The kids had a blast and wore the horses out! (Thanks, Aaron, for being so patient with them!)

Later, we decided it would be fun to paint pumpkins with the kids. It was fun...and slightly stressful (remember: I just came out of the closet about my Type A personality). The kids loved it and all of the pumpkins were just AMAZING! (wink! wink!)

After dark, we roasted marshmallows and watched the kids play. It got kind of chilly, so we bundled up in blankets and stayed out on the porch talking, singing and laughing the night away. The kids were playing hide-n-seek all over the yard. It was such a fun day/night!

(We made it home and to bed by 9pm...everyone in my family was worn out from so much fun!)

And...here is my favorite pic of the weekend. Part sugar-high and part loving her mommy equals:

How can you not love Catherine's "CHEESE" face!?

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