Friday, October 14, 2011

Our Random Life

I have been such a bad blogger this week! We've been SO busy that I can't tell if I'm coming or going. But, there have been lots of blog worthy thoughts floating around in my I thought I would just get them out here.

  • I was working out of town last week. Travis was in charge of checking Emma's folder for school work, notes, etc. He forgot to turn in her permission slip to be included in the tea party at the Fayetteville Town center. I turned it in a day late only to receive a call from her teacher letting me know that it was too late. I cried. Emma didn't even care. (Only two girls from her class managed to get their slip in on time...just sayin')

  • Emma has PE every Wednesday and Friday. On the way to school today, she told me that they had to do the "Pacer Challenge" today (i.e. run as many laps as they can, do as many push-ups and sit ups as they can in a certain amount of time). She said today their goal was to beat their score from Wednesday. She did two push ups in two minutes Wednesday. Then she grinned and said "I'm sure I'll beat that score". I am now wondering if she planned to do terrible so she could easily improve today.

  • I am addicted to two things: reading and pintrest. I spend so much time perusing pinterst at night, it's ridiculous. But, I have SO many ideas for fun wreaths, holiday decor and meals. I read every night before I go to bed. Travis basically has to turn the light off to get me to stop. At each chapter end, I tell myself "one more chapter". It's insane!

  • Our bank account got hacked this week. It has been a mess and the bank we are currently using has been less than helpful. So, since we are having to close our current accounts (ALL OF THEM SINCE THEY ARE ALL LINKED), we are changing banks. Does anyone know what a pain this is? I have almost every one of our bills set as direct draft PLUS my check is direct deposit. So, getting that straightened out is ridiculous.

  • Travis is out of town hunting. I know he has fun and I try to be supportive. But, it's tough with him gone. Plus, I kinda miss the guy.

  • Catherine has really been a toot lately. She doesn't throw that many fits anymore. She just ignores us. I am not talking deliberately disobeys. I mean, she just completely and totally ignores us, i.e. refuses to answer a question and just stares like I am speaking another language. Good times.

  • I often think about how busy our weeks are around here. Full of work, school and fun. I am going to TRY starting on Sunday to blog daily about what we did for the day. I think it will be interesting (to me) to look back on the daily things that we had going on.

  • Hannah's school called me last week telling me she was "doubled over in pain because her stomach hurt so bad". I immediately left work to pick her up. I walked in and was greeted by a dimply grinning Hannah. When I got her in the car, she asked me if we were going home because all that was really wrong was "I need to poop and don't like to do it at school". AHH! She came to work with me for the rest of the day and I informed her school that unless she is throwing up and/or running a fever, she's faking.

  • I love this quote. It's too funny. I have friends to really make me feel this way....and it reminds me I need a house cleaner. BADLY!

  • Finally, I adore this picture of my sweet ballerina! (More to come on dance next week!)

Happy Friday!

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