Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Easter 2012

We had a wonderful Easter this year! And you know what that means...PICTURE OVERLOAD!

Saturday night, we kicked off our Easter festivities. First, we made Resurrection rolls with the girls. (You put a marshmallow in a crescent roll, representing the body of Christ. After it cooks, you open the roll to see he's not there. He has risen!) It was a really great tradition to start and I think it helped give them a visual of exactly what Easter means.

**Disclaimer: Travis was in charge of the camera. And, I am keeping it real here...I have on NO make-up and a headband that Catherine insisted I wear.

After making resurrection rolls, we dyed eggs. I LOVE to dye eggs and could do it for hours. The girls really had fun. Travis got to keep Catherine from drinking the dye on task. It was such a fun night!

After the girls went to bed, the Easter Bunny stopped by and filled their buckets with lots of goodies!

Sunday morning, we got all dressed up a headed to church. It was a little bittersweet on Sunday. This is only the 2nd Easter we haven't spent with my parents and grandparents (the first one fell a couple days after Hannah's birth and we opted to stay home.) I missed them terribly.

But, we are SO fortunate to have such wonderful friends. Kim and Jake invited us to their family Easter lunch. The entire family was so kind and treated us as if we were just a part of their family. No one seemed to mind the Williamson clan bombarding their Easter lunch! They all made being away from our family much easier. THANK YOU ALL!

We left Easter lunch with full tummies and headed home to take a nap. Hannah and Catherine didn't even make it home before falling asleep.

After nap, we hid eggs and let the girls go find them. Emma got a little pouty when she found out Hannah was beating her in the egg hunt. But, the roles ended up reversed when Emma made a come back!

Every time Catherine found an egg, she said "UH OH! DERE'S ONE!". That statement was immediately followed by, "Emma and Hannah...I beat you!". Nothing like a little healthy competition! ;)

We had such a wonderful Easter and are so very blessed.

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Ashley said...

I have always wondered what a Resurrection roll, and now I know! Looks like you had a great holiday!!