Thursday, April 19, 2012

It's a Mom's Life

These last few weeks have just been insane. I am not sure why some weeks are crazier than others, especially when you are like us...we have pretty much the SAME routine week in and week out. Because of that, my blogging has been lacking. So, I thought I would do a quick bulleted catch up.

  • Our mornings have been full of this:
Me: "No you can't watch cartoons"
Travis: "Girls, go eat breakfast."
Emma: "Mommy, I just hate this shirt. I know I loved it last week, but I hate it now."
Hannah: "Daddy said it would be 70 degrees. Can I wear shorts and a tank top?" "You NEVER let me wear shorts and a tank top. These pants are ugly...all pants are ugly"
Me: "Girls, brush your teeth."
Catherine: "Can me wear dis headband?" "YOU NEBER NEBER LET ME WEAR DIS HEADBAND!"
Travis: "Why can't we get it together in the mornings?"
Me: (rolls eyes and walks off)

  • Catherine colored on the couch and herself the other day. I took this video of her after I took her marker away. *Why doesn't she have clothes on, you ask? Well, she took them off and threw her shirt in the potty. And...sometimes, it's just not worth the battle to make her wear them.

  • After she ran off, I went to her room. This is where she LOVES to throw a majority of her fits. I thought I would get it on camera for those of you who tell me "no way does she act like that." (and no, that is not me laughing at the end of the video...although I did laugh.)

  • I keep saying I am going to blog about a typical week in our house. I really am...starting next week. (or the next)
  • Emma has dance on Wednesday at 5pm. So, I leave work at 4, pick them up from daycare and haul booty across town to drop her off. Last week, Hannah had a bottle of water, which she proceeded to spill all over her pants. I had her take them off and dried them in front of the heater while we were driving. Yes, I'm MacGyver.

  • I love my job. I really do. But, the other day I had a conference call during lunch. And I was a bunch of cough *MEN* cough who like to hear themselves talk. I took a picture of how I felt about it.

  • We got home from dinner the other night and Gus had some how jumped up, knocked the sock basket off the washer and took a million of them out into our backyard. Doggie door - can't live with can't go out to pee without it.

  • I had lunch with Emma yesterday at her school. I just love going to visit her at school and seeing her in her element. I also love that she's not embarrassed of me yet.
  • As I was leaving said lunch, I tripped and fell in the parking lot. Yep...right in front of the school.

  • Emma started softball. Travis signed her up and that is something that they do together. Surprisingly, she likes it. (After two practices...) Games will start soon and they are both so excited.
  • I found this picture of Catherine on my work phone. She was sick and came to the office with me one day. Where did my baby go!?

  • Hannah wants to wear a dress every day. If she doesn't get to wear one, she's mad. If she has to wear leggings with her dress, she's mad. She also tries to negotiate shorts into the deal. This is EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.
  • I took this picture of Travis and Gus the other night. Too cute.

  • We are loving this weather we've been having for months now. I think we eat outside just about every night. And, the girls play outside until bath time. Everyone is happy and sleepy by bedtime.
  • I feel like I should do a blog post about my weight loss. I am still not skinny by any means, but I ran across some pictures of myself from about a year ago and!
That's about all that's going thru my little head as I avoid working on some modulars like the plague at work today. :)

Tonight, we are going to see Mary Poppins! So, I will be back with a fun "life" update soon! Happy Thursday!

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Connie said...

Love this! I was just thinking this morning (after the kids left) how every morning is the same thing...get over here and brush your's too cold for a dress...come take your medicine...lets go! Every morning! I'm glad it's not just me! Ha!