Thursday, April 26, 2012

Woooooo Pig Sooie

Amidst all of the chaos with our former football coach, his misdeeds, our lack of a coach and our AD with impeccable integrity, the annual Razorfest and Red/White game was Saturday. Travis and I love Razorback football and decided it would be fun to take the girls.

(As much as we love it, we are not crazy enough to think our kids are going to sit through a regular season game.) (Plus, that's kind of "our" thing for now...tailgating and cheering on our Hogs.) (And tickets are expensive.)

So, we took the girls. We got there early enough to get great seats right on the 50 yard line. We enjoyed yummy game snacks and the girls LOVED the cheerleaders. However, once the game started, they quickly lost interest, (especially the older two). I made 50000000 trips to the bathroom with them and before halftime, Travis and I decided they had enough. (So, had we!)

Even though we didn't make through the whole game, it was fun to take the girls. (And it confirmed our "we will not buy them tickets and take them to a game during the season" stance).

Now...I am ready for football season! GO HOGS!

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