Friday, September 26, 2008

Emma's New 'Do

Last night, Emma and I headed up to Spoiled for a hair cut (and color for Mommy).

Emma did such a great job sitting still. Monica is wonderful. We cut about 2 inches of of Emma's hair and it looks GREAT!

Her hair is FINALLY (four years later) starting to thicken up, so this hair cut really added some bounce back into that hair.
Now...if I could just figure out what to do with Hannah's baby mullet.

This morning, I let her wear it down to school. I NEVER let her wear it down, but she wanted to show off her new hair cut. So...just this once.

I am sure it will be a stringy mess by the time she gets home, but at least she could show off her fabulous new hair.

I did not take a picture this morning...I know I know...SORRY! But, here is a picture from last night with Miss Monica after it was all over! Thanks, Monica! YOU ARE THE BEST!

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The Slaughters said...

So cute! Hey Monica looks familiar to me. What's her last name?

I need to get my kids to cut their hair. Belle is slowing becoming Rapunzel.