Monday, September 8, 2008

Fishing and Parties Galore

This weekend was a SUPER busy weekend in the Williamson household. Well, at least Saturday was...

Saturday morning, Travis and the girls got up and went fishing. I stayed home a cleaned house. They had a pretty good time. Emma caught the biggest fish she had ever caught and the smallest fish she had ever caught. Travis said Hannah ate some dirt and played with the bait (worms). (This makes me question her relation to me). They had a good time and I got lots of cleaning done.

Saturday afternoon, we had two birthday parties to attend...for two different Ashtons.

Ashton Prinsen (girl) turned two. Her party was out at Gully Park Pavillion. It was lots of fun. There were balloons, presents and silly string. I think the adults had more fun with the silly string than the kids. Ashton seemed to have had lots of fun and got lots of good presents! Happy Birthday, Ashton!

We left Ashton Prinsen's party (in south Fayetteville) and hurried up to Bentonville for Ashton Peschel's (boy) party.

This party was at the Jump Zone. It was SO fun. It has all these inflatable bounce arounds. Travis was in charge of pictures and only got one decent one of the girls playing. These bounce arounds were big enough for grown ups to play on them too! Of course, me being the child I am, used my children as an excuse to go down the slides. I barely got Emma talked into the medium slide, but she loved it. Travis took Hannah on the big slide. I wish you could have seen her (no picture of course). She LOVED it! She is a little daredevil like her Mommy. After we played we went to the party room for cupcakes, ice cream and presents. Ashton got so much stuff! We had a blast. Happy Birthday, Ashton!

Sunday, we were lazy at home and recuperated. Travis went hunting that morning and we just played at home the rest of the day. It was a fun weekend!

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