Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of Pre K

Emma started Pre-K today. She was so excited. We spent all weekend picking out the perfect outfit for the first day of Pre-K. We finally settled on this one (thanks Honey for the cute new dress!). She just looked so sweet this morning. She had her little back pack on (thanks Daddy Brooks) and her pencil box. Emma couldn't wait to go. She even told me that "Mommies don't walk Pre-Kers in." However, I just couldn't make that adjustment yet, so I walked her in today.

When she got home, she was so happy. She had a great day! Emma even made it home with a green card! (green means she was good all day, yellow means a little trouble and red means Mommy or Daddy have to sign a sad gram) We are so proud of her and glad we have a little girl that has been able to make the adjustment so well!

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