Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend, we all headed to Hot Springs. Not only was it Labor Day weekend, but it was also Jon's birthday! He turned 23! Happy Birthday, Uncle Jon! We love you!

Friday night, we went to dinner and came home to play bag-o. Our family can get pretty competitive, so it was a little intense for a while.

Saturday, we got up and headed out on the lake. It was a blast. First, we went to the sand bar and let the girls swim. They had so much fun. Then, on our way back, Travis and Emma rode the tube. They had fun...until Daddy Brooks threw them off! It was actually pretty funny. The water was so rough, Emma was bouncing EVERYWHERE. Travis just held on to her and off they went! Hannah fell asleep on the boat during that action!

After a long day on the boat, we ate ribs and celebrated Jon's birthday. GrandDa and Daddy Ben came over. Emma found these flip glasses in the toy box and made everyone wear them. It was pretty funny.

Sunday, we got up and came home. Today, we have just been playing and getting Emma ready for her first day of Pre-K tomorrow! She is super excited! All in all, we had a great weekend. Thanks, Honey and Daddy Brooks, for the great food and fun this weekend!

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