Friday, September 19, 2008

Really...THAT shirt?

Travis is a pack rat...especially when it comes to clothes. I don't think he has gotten rid of any clothes since we have been married. And possibly, since college. So, last night, it was time...time to clean out his closet.

This all started about two months ago. I despise folding clothes. So, I usually pile them up in the big chair and fold them once a week. This usually equates to folding 8 to 10 loads of laundry every Saturday (don't get me started on why in the world a family of 4 has that much laundry every week). I digress.

So, one Saturday, I folded clothes. One rule is that everyone puts away their own clothes. Even little Hannah helps me put her clothes away.

I put Travis's in his laundry basket and asked him to put them away. He took his basket and his hang up clothes to the bedroom. He was in there for a little bit, so I assumed all was taken care of. Now, what's that old saying "When you ASSume..." Yeah.

I went back to the bedroom and his hang up clothes were nicely hung up. But, the basket...that basket was just sitting on the floor in front of his dresser....STILL FULL OF CLOTHES! I was NOT putting those clothes away.

So, the basket stayed. And every week, as I folded, the basket got fuller. And ever week, as Travis looked for clothes, the basket got messier. Until, he had NO clothes (except long johns) in his drawers.

So, last night, we tackled it. I couldn't stand that hideously messy basket sitting in our room any longer. We cleaned out his closet. This chore went a little like this:

Me: (holding up the most horrid flannel shirt I have ever seen)Travis, what about this shirt? Throw away or give away?

Travis: I want to keep that one.

Me: Really...THAT shirt?

Travis: Yeah...I can wear it hunting or something.

Me: No way! This is so ugly...I can't believe you even owned this. It's gone

(shirt is in the throw away pile)

Me: What about this shirt? (holding up the most horrid shirt ever)

Travis: I want to keep that shirt...

Yeah...the night progressed much like that. I think you get the drift. I mean...really, where did he get some of that stuff!? We did, however, accomplish our goal. His closet and drawers are clean.

We even had fun cleaning out his closet. It's amazing how, once you are old and married, you find fun in the little stuff. We were in stitches at the end of it all. I was making fun of Travis's "pre-adulthood (Pre-Boni)" wardrobe and he was making fun of the fact that I LOVE to clean out closets.

It made me excited this morning when I got up to know his closet was all clean...I know...sad. But, it's done and it was fun. I love my husband!

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