Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Party Chaos

Last week, Emma's Christmas party was on Thursday. Hannah and Catherine's PJ parties were on Friday. Luckily, I work for a great company with a kind boss who lets me off work to go to all of the girls' school functions.

Thursday morning, I dressed the girls in their fun Christmas outfits. Of course, I had to snap a picture...AND GOT A GOOD ONE ON THE FIRST TRY!

Thursday afternoon, I headed up to Emma's school. I am one of the room mothers (and the only one who works. So, I usually bring the snacks and help at a station, while the others meet and plan out all the events). I got up there before the kids got back to the class and helped finish setting up. Then, I was assigned my station: Making a Rudolph Ornament. (These were made from big jingle bells, pipe cleaners, googlie eyes and fuzzy balls).

I was assigned the hardest station, by far! (why do I never get the pizza station or the cooking making station?)

Anyway. The kids had tons of fun and no matter how many times I told them my name, they always called me "Emma's Mom". Emma LOVED the party. They ate pizza, decorated sugar cookies, made a hand print Christmas tree, filled a bag of reindeer food...and of course the Jingle Bell Rudolph.

I really enjoyed helping out in her class. However, I was so busy helping the kids stick the googlie eyes and twist the pipe cleaners, I only snapped a couple of pictures.

(So glad she's not the only snaggle-toothed 1st grader!)

I also learned two important things that day: #1 The best decision of my life was not to become a teacher and #2 Teachers are WAY under-paid (I don't know how much they make...but it's really not enough!).

Friday, it was pajama day at all of the girls' schools. Since I am a stickler for waiting until at least Christmas Eve to open a gift, none of the girls had any Christmas PJs. (That's what I always get them and let them open and wear them on Christmas Eve.) So, we went with some other fun ones for that day!

Friday afternoon, I went to help with Hannah's party. Again, I was so busy helping them, I only got a couple of pictures. (No, I didn't go to Catherine's party. She is young enough she doesn't care if I am there to watch her eat a cupcake or not!)

It was lots of fun because I just love seeing the girls with their friends in their natural habitat. Some of the things those kids said had me laughing almost to tears! It was a fun way to end our week and start off a Christmas-fun-filled weekend!

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Connie said...

That's cute! I see my little monkey's legs in front of the boy with the green shirt! :-) I didn't make it to this party because I was helping my sister with her kids party...but I plan to go to the next one.