Monday, December 6, 2010

Whatever Works

Have you ever taken your child to the doctor for a check-up to find out she has LOST weight since her last check up? (And she was only in the 25th percentile the first time, so not much to lose.)

I LOVE our pediatrician. He is so kind, informative and genuinely loves his patients. He ALWAYS has time to chat a little. Plus, he has the BEST NURSE EVER! He also chooses words carefully and always provides encouraging words to keep from making anyone feel like a bad parent.

But, a few months ago, we took Catherine to her 15 month check up. She was right on track at 12 months and seemed to have learned a hand full of "new tricks" since then. But, as soon as I put her on the scale, I knew it. She was TOO SKINNY!

She has always been in the 25th percentile for weight. But, this time she had almost fallen off the charts. As we waited in the room, I didn't really think a whole lot about it. Dr. L came in and did his exam. He told me, "She looks great and developing right on track, but..." (Aww man!) "she has almost fallen off the charts for weight."

At that moment, I felt like the worst mother ever! I try to feed our kids healthy. Not because any of them are the least bit fat, but because I want to help them build good habits for the future. I listened as we developed a plan to help her gain weight. But, the fact of the matter is, she just doesn't eat.

So, we came home with our Pediasure-extra-snacks-no-carrying-her-cup-of-milk-all-day weight gain plan. We followed the plan and she at a little bit better. But, still wasn't doing great.

So, the other night, after she and I fought for 20 minutes to get her to eat a bite of Chicken 'n Rice, I gave up. I just wanted her to eat.

So, I gave her a double doozie (chocolate icing sandwiched between two sugar cookies).

Yes, I probably created a monster. She ate TWO of those things and then ran around the living room like she had lost her ever-loving mind. But, she ate and I was a happy Mommy.

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SoMo Mom said...

Thanks for stopping by and celebrating with us & for the sweet words! Love this post ... isn't it funny how we feel guilty about these kinds of things? I always feel like I am a bad mom when my kids get cavities! I swear, they brush their teeth, Mr. Dentist (well most days, anyway!)
Your daughter looks healthy & happy to me (and adorable!!)