Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Maybe we will write letters next year...

Saturday, we took the girls to visit Santa, watch Tangled! and shop for each other. Our first stop was Santa. I fully expected to wait about an hour to visit with the big guy. However, we got there and the wait was only about 10 minutes.

While we were waiting, we ran into the Brown's. Perfect time for a picture of the big girls together!

Shortly after we visited with them, it was the girls turn to sit on Santa's lap.

Emma had it down to an art. She knew exactly what she wanted and was ready with her little list. She waltzed right up to him, climbed in his lap and immediately rattled off, "I have been a good girl. I want a cookbook, an art book and some zhu zhu pets. (Insert big grin and batting eyelashes)"

Hannah was a little "star struck". She had no issues climbing in his lap. She listened to Emma tell Santa what she wanted. Then, he turned to her and asked her what she wanted. She froze. It was just like on "The Christmas Story". All she could muster was her biggest, dimpliest grin and a "I want an umbrella".

(Note: Christmas shopping had been done for weeks. This is the first I had heard of an umbrella. Snagged one at Target the next afternoon because how could the child not get the ONE thing she was actually able to ask Santa for!?)

Next up, Catherine. I carried her up there and tried to put her in his lap. She immediately went into Spider Monkey mode and climbed me trying to get away from that big old man. Finally, I pryed her from my face and put her in his lap.

The first picture I snapped looked like this: (The look on Catherine's face is hilarious!)

Finally, she calmed down. I think she knew that if she gave me a semi-good picture, Daddy would come rescue her!

After we traumatized Catherine with her Santa visit, we went to watch Tangled. It was so cute. The girls loved it. Travis even chuckled a few times (even though the entire way there he was trying to convince the girls to "change their minds" and go watch Yogi Bear instead!).

When the movie was over, we split up and let the girls shop for each other. That's always so fun to see what they will pick out for the other ones. I am 99% sure Emma and Hannah have already told what they got for each other.

We had a great weekend spending time together and continuing some of our Christmas traditions. However, due to the ever changing lists, I think we will write Santa a letter in early December next year and just go visit to remind him! (It's the only way this Mommy is going to be able to keep her sanity!)

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