Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Wow...I'm really behind!

We had a fun, thankful, sleepless, busy, button-busting Thanksgiving this year. (But, I didn't take very many pics at all!)

Travis went hunting early that week. The girls and I finished the short week at school/work and headed to Hot Springs to get some extra time with Honey and Daddy Brooks. We had fun playing and resting. Honey let the girls make chocolate covered Christmas pretzels one day and they had LOADS of fun. Catherine even got in on the action.

Thursday, the girls and I got up and got ready early that morning. We drove to DeQueen to meet Travis and have Thanksgiving lunch with his Mimi and his Dad's side of the family.

You can get adorable outfits like this from Misty at All Tuckered Out Boutique! She does amazing work and is great to work with!

 We started this tradition a few years ago and I am SO glad we did. We have so much fun visiting with everyone and going to see Uncle Troy's farm animals. The girls love it!

Unfortunately, we were so busy for the few hours we were there, I didn't take a single picture! But, trust me, a good time was had by all. His Mimi was grinning from ear to ear the whole time!

Mid afternoon, all of us headed back to Hot Springs for Thanksgiving dinner at Honey and Daddy Brooks's. When we got there, Jon, Nicole and Bo were there. Bo was even dressed in his stylin' new shirt, (but it still weirds me out...animals in clothes...AHHH!)

GrandDa and Daddy Ben came over. We watched football, ate SO much good food and enjoy a little early 50th birthday party for Honey. I just love this time of year getting to spend so much family time and enjoying each other with lots of yummy food!

I did NOT Black Friday shop! However, Catherine didn't sleep well at Honey's at all. She would scream when we put her in her bed, wake up at all hours in the night. We intended to stay until Saturday evening, but after getting up at 3:30 am Friday morning, I couldn't handle another sleepless night. So, the girls and I reluctantly headed home. Travis...back to deer camp...BLAH! ;)

We had so much fun getting to spend precious time with so much family. But, it was good to be home. And, yes, Catherine was back to her good sleeping self when we got her back into her own bed.

I hope everyone else had a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoyed all the blessings in life!

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