Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Bane of My Existance

Mom, if you opened this, close it. This is not going to make you happy. Do not read any further in this post.

Growing up, we always had a sparkling clean house and laundry was ALWAYS done. If I wanted to, I could have worn the same clothes every single day. I dropped clothes down the laundry chute and a few hours later my mom was handing my my basket full of the same clothes, clean, folded and hung up.

(Unfortunately, I didn't believe in even wearing clothes twice in a month. My how things have changed!)

When Travis and I first got married, I was a horrible house cleaner and laundry...HA! We would dig through the dirty clothes, pick out what we wanted to wear the next couple of days and wash that. We had more dirty clothes than clean. Obviously, the "cleaning gene" was not passed down. (Perhaps it skips a generation?)

As time has gone on and our family has grown (along with the laundry piles), I have gotten MUCH better. My house is usually much cleaner, although there are ALWAYS toys scattered every where. I actually keep up with laundry. (meaning: I am only a couple of loads behind instead of 12 loads behind.)

I have even started folding/hanging up the clean clothes every night. I used to do it once a week. On Sunday night after the kids were in bed, I would fold between 10 and 12 loads of laundry. It took hours, people...HOURS! (Travis tried to help one was ridiculous and took twice as long.)

There is one thing that I cannot bring my self to do...


I hate socks. I rarely (if ever) wear socks. I never have. I used to practice basketball and cheerleading with no socks on (they were required for games). ( feet stink. I say its a zinc deficiency. It's true. Google it.)

Apparently my hatred for wearing socks has manifested itself into a hatred of folding socks. These are currently in my laundry room:

(Yes, we have a crazy amount of socks...sometimes I just buy new packs rather than fold them. Don't judge!)

TWO...count them...TWO laundry baskets full of socks that need to be folded. (One basket has also caught a few other things...oops!) Last time my parents kept the girls, my mom folded ALL of our socks and put them away.

(She love me...maybe a little less after tackling that chore.)

I just couldn't bring myself to keep it up. So, we are back to two laundry baskets full of unfolded socks. Every morning, Travis has to dig through the basket(s) to find matching socks. (It's a good thing our vows didn't say "in sickness and health...and only if she keeps the socks folded.") The only thing he says about it is "Why don't you just dump these in a garbage sack, buy us all two packs of new socks, and start over."

I have considered it several times. But, I can't do it. That would be lazy (or at least lazier than not folding the socks.)

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