Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up & Tax Day

This weekend, Travis went turkey hunting, so it was girls only in our house! Friday night, we went to dinner and watched HOP with the Brown girls, Alyssa and Halle. The movie was very cute and we had fun. Even Catherine and Bree made it through the whole movie with no major meltdowns!

Saturday, the girls were supposed to have soccer games. But, because of the wind and rain, they were cancelled. I was secretly glad. I had to go to Alpena and judge cheerleading tryouts. Between making the girls games and getting to tryouts in time, I was going to be stretched to the limit. While I was gone, Miss Ashley came and kept the girls. They had a great time with her and were so well taken care of! Saturday evening, the girls and I watched a movie and stayed up way too late.

Sunday, we just hung around the house and got ready for the week. Emma and Hannah played outside while Catherine napped. I read. Catherine played with blocks. It was a lazy and good day!

On tax day 2011, I had to share a couple of pictures of one of my adorable tax deductions from this morning. (She might not be smiling so big if she knew about the checks I had to send to Uncle Sam today! YUCK!)

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Angela said...

How can that sweet little pig-tailed child be the one who had you in a tizzy at CH the other night? I just don't think I believe you. : )