Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tea Party Birthday

Today, sweet and crazy Hannah turned 4! What better way to celebrate than with a Tea Party!?

Hannah's friends came over and I served them "tea" (pink lemonade), crust less PB&J, chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate covered vanilla wafers. They put on their cute hats, white gloves and boas. They had a ball and it was was cute watching them.

After they finished eating, we sang and let Hannah blow out her candles. Everyone ate cupcakes and we opened presents. Then, they played dress up. It was hilarious watching them get into the costumes.

All and all, it was a great party. Hannah had SO much fun with her friends! She was especially excited that Honey, Uncle Jon and Aunt Nicole drove 3+ hours just to be here on her special day!

After everyone left, the girls crashed hard for a late afternoon nap. I cleaned up from the tea party and got things ready for Hannah's next party.

One of our traditions in our little family of 5 is no matter when you party is, you have a separate party on your actual birthday with dinner of your choice, cake and gifts from us. Sometimes, you get two parties in one day. Other times, it works out that you may have to wait a few days to have your small family party. But, that's how we do it!

Hannah requested tacos and refried beans (her fav) for dinner. So, that's what we had. After dinner, we celebrated her birthday just a little longer with cake and a few presents.

Catherine had a TOTAL melt down when she didn't get to open any presents. I laughed...and took her picture.  (And she STILL didn't get to open Hannah's presents...I'm mean!)

This card from Emma to Hannah made my entire day. Despite all the fighting and bickering (and me saying "Stop it! You two ARE best friends whether you want to be or not!), they love each other (and ARE best friends!).

Wowee! FOUR YEARS OLD! You are turning into such an amazing little girl. Your big smile and contagious laugh are such a blessing to us. You are such a funny girl and LOVE when we all laugh at/with you. I cannot believe how quickly you went from that screaming colicky baby to the laughing happy girl you are. You are so wild and crazy and ALWAYS keep us on our toes. You are amazingly smart, spunky and undeniably beautiful. I am so blessed that God has let me be your Mommy. Your Daddy, sisters and I love you like crazy!

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