Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up

This weekend was such a busy weekend! We had lots to do, but TONS of fun!

Friday night, we went to the Naturals game we the Browns. It was a gorgeous evening/night. Every Friday night, they have a big fireworks show after the game. The kids were SO excited for that part. But, the game went into extra innings and I thought it was NEVER going to end! Finally, we won and the fireworks could start. We all had a great time (even though we didn't get in bed until after midnight).

Saturday was opening day for Spring Soccer. Hannah had a game at 9am and Emma's game was at 12:30. Both girls did great in their games, despite being EXHAUSTED from the night before. When we got home, we all took about a 3 hour nap. After our nap, we grilled out and played outside.

Sunday, it was another beautiful day. About 10am, I sent the girls outside to play and we were all out there most of the day. Afterwards, we went to dinner (a huge mistake that deserves a post of its own!) and got ready for the week ahead.

It was a great weekend full of beautiful weather!

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