Friday, April 8, 2011


When I go out of town, I know the girls are going to look a little "ratty" in the hair department. (By ratty, I don't mean no bows.)

Not that Travis isn't an amazing Daddy, but he just has a VERY hard time fixing their hair. He usually pulls one side back with a barrett and calls it good. By the end of the day, they have lost their barretts and look like their hair hasn't been brushed in a month.

(One time when Emma was in Pre-K, Travis sent her to school with a hair-tie on her wrist and a brush in hand, so her teacher could fix her hair.)

I was traveling this week for work, so imagine my surprise when I get this picture text from Travis:

Please ignore the fact that Catherine is about to climb out of her crib

Our conversation went like this: (I am using the EXACT spelling punctuation, etc.)
B: Wow! Who fixed their hair?
T: me whoelse?
B: I don't of our neighbors?
T: no they were all too busy

So, I am so proud of Travis. He always takes good care of the girls. But, this rockets him into Super Dad status! (Now...if only I could get him to put a bow on top of those awesome ponytails.)

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