Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday's Music: The Color Pink

So, if you have read this blog very long, you know I LOVE music. Travis loves music. My girls love music. Whether we are dancing in the kitchen, praising God on Sunday morning, jamming out in the car or headed to George's for a Red Dirt Concert....we are a music loving family.

I remember as a kid my parents loving music. My grandpa can play the guitar like a boss and I am pretty sure my dad can play the banjo. (I kid you not people...the BANJO!)

I am not sure why I love it so much, but I especially love a song that relates so perfectly to my little life or my family that I feel like it was written for us. So, as a part of my attempt at blogging more, I thought that I would start "Friday's Music". I'll share a little of what I'm listening to or what gets us going in the mornings on here.

It thrilled me when my SIL, Nicole, sent me a text with the link to a youtube video for a song with the comment "This song is Travis made over!"

I listened to the song and got all teary-eyed. Because...yes...this is my sweet, mans-man, three-daughter-loving, prissy-wife-having husband to a T!

Happy Friday!

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