Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up: Spring Time Fun

This weekend, we had such a lovely weekend. The weather was nice and we enjoyed it!

Friday night, we went to dinner. Travis talked Emma into eating a jalapeno, (which may or may not have involved bribery...with sno-cones). So, she tried one. She immediately guzzled her root beer to put out the fire that was shooting from her mouth. As we walked out of the restaurant, she said "My tummy hurts." We all kind of laughed and joked about her and the pepper. As soon as we walked outside, she puked in the bushes. Travis felt awful, but Emma immediately said "I feel better...let's go get that sno-cone!" Ha!

Saturday, Travis had to work until mid afternoon. The girls and I hung around the house that morning, watching cartoons and cleaning up. OH...and Catherine played "doggie". She waded up a piece of paper like a ball and we took turns playing fetch with her. (I kid you not)

We have a big play set and trampoline in the backyard and all the ride-on toys you can think of in the front yard, but my girls are CONSTANTLY begging to go play at the park. So, we packed a lunch and headed to the park for a picnic.


After fun at the park, we headed BACK to the sno-cone stand for another sno-cone. We love these things!

Saturday night, we went to dinner at Mojitos with the Browns. We all love going to dinner with them. Rachel and I sat at the end chatting and catching up, while the boys talked and tended to the kids. It was a good night.

Sunday morning, it was church time! I LOVE THEM!

Sunday afternoon, we went to Arvest Ballpark for our first Naturals game of the season. It happened to be kids day, so the kids got a free hot dog, drink and chips. (Of course, they also got cotton candy and dippin' dots.) Catherine danced desperately trying to "be on TV". Emma took over with the camera. And, Hannah got sleepy and took a little mid game nap, (just like home!) It was SUCH  fun ending to our weekend!


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