Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up: Happy Birthday, Hannah!

This weekend was so much fun! Friday night, my friends and family threw me a surprise birthday party (more on that in another post).

I didn't post it, but on Hannah's birthday, we had her party and cake with our little family. She got a camera and thinks she is big stuff now! Happy little girl!

Saturday, we had Hannah's birthday party with her friends. She wants a "girls day" with two of her favorite friends. So, at lunch time, we picked up Anniston and Reese for a day of fun!

First up, lunch at Mojitos. Hannah got the "Mexican-food-obsessed" gene from me. She and I could eat it EVERY day! While we were there, she opened her gifts from her sweet friends.

After lunch at Mojitos, I took the girls to get pedicures. They were so funny just chatting away while getting their toes done. They all had a ball.

Finally, we went to the movies. The girls loved it and at the end, no one wanted to go home! :(

Sunday, we spent the day playing outside and enjoying the sunshine after church. It was a wonderful weekend!

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Connie Williams said...

So cute! Happy Birthday Hannah!