Thursday, May 21, 2009

Buddha Belly

OK, I know my pregnant belly is huge, but I have big babies! Hannah weighed 8.8 and was TWO WEEKS EARLY! So, yeah, I know.

That being said, I am dedicating this post to the Target Lady, Gas Station Man and Restaurant Waiter. **Names have been changed to protect the ignorant. Please don't:
  • Look at my tummy with huge eyes and say "WOW! You are about to pop". Because I am not about to pop. In fact, I have two more months before I give birth and I am certain my family would feel much better about things if I didn't pop!
  • Rub my tummy in circular motions and ask me when I am due, all the while keeping your hands on me. You are a stranger. I don't know you. How would you feel if I rubbed your belly while I spoke to you?
  • When I answer your question of when I am due and step back a step (out of reach of your rubbing) don't step up, start rubbing again and say "Wow! Is it twins?" No, it's not twins...yes I know I am huge...AND GET YOUR HANDS OFF!
  • Ask me when I am due and when I respond say "OH WOW! There was another lady in here about your size, but she was due last week. Are you sure it's not twins?" I am sure. Modern medicine makes it increasingly easier to determine how many children are in there...again...I know I am huge.
  • Ask me if I need some help because (and I quote) "You dropped your receipt and I am sure it's hard for you to bend all the way down and back up with that belly out there!" No, it's not hard. I have a 2 year old and 5 year old at home. I spend most of my time playing on the floor with them and have no issues getting "this belly" up off the floor.
  • Tell me, as I am loading a case of water into my cart, "You shouldn't be lifting that in your condition" First of all, pregnancy is not a "condition". I am not dying. I am just pregnant. Second of all, I have a 2 year old who I pick up all the time. I am fine with a case of water!

I do not have a picture handy, but promise to post one soon of the Buddha Belly. I just needed to vent...gotta love people with no filter!


Sarah Fries said...

Okay, I laughed the whole way through that one!! That was great. I CAN TOTALLY FEEL YOUR PAIN! It became a joke at the end of each day for me to tally all the inappropriate comments I got! On a DAILY basis I was asked if I was sure there was just one baby in there. I don't know what it is...I think I have a small torso or something because I balloon out and look 9 months pregnant in my 4th month. It really is discouraging, but you learn to laugh at it by month 7! The really funny part is after people say "wow you are huge" they politely follow it with "but I mean you are all belly" or " I can't even tell your pregnant from behind!" You want to slap them! Vent all you want because I'm here to listen for you!

Amanda said...

Grrr... People are so DUMB!!!