Friday, May 15, 2009


My sweet girl, Ems, turned FIVE today!

(as with Hannah...yes I call her that. Along with, Emszy, Emmie, Clairance or Love Muffin...just depends on my mood...and hers!)

It's crazy to my that my tiny sweet baby, Emma Claire, is FIVE today. Have five years really flown by?

Of course, we have TONS of birthday fun planned...stay tuned for the posts.

This morning, Daddy and Hannah went to get Emma doughnut holes and chocolate milk to start the day off right! She opened ONE present and got an awesome Princess Fishing Game from Daddy (a little girly, but's fishing!)

Tonight, Emma wants to go eat at our favorite catfish restaurant, Backwoods Barn. (it's in Goshen, if you have never tried it, you should!).

After gymnastics, we will head out there. Then, it's PRESENT TIME! (Maybe there is a top secret gift for BEFORE dinner...but how would I know...I'm just the mom!?)

There will be tons more pictures to come, but here is one in the school parking lot.

(Yes, I forgot to take one at home...because I am a loo loo like that!)


How can you possibly be FIVE whole years old? I remember waiting and waiting for you to come into this world. You were not in any hurry and have never been in your life. When I finally saw you and held you for the first time, it was one of the greatest moments of my life. You were beautiful, tooth and all!

You have grown up so much and are becoming such an intelligent beautiful young lady. You are so smart that with some of the things you say, I am floored! You are a wonderful big sister and have more patience and understanding with Hannah than anyone. You are kind to everyone in your class and (from what the teachers say) never exclude anyone.

Your quiet (at first) demeanor reminds me so much of your daddy. You sit back and take everything in for a bit before opening up and going at things full force. Your smile is contagious. You love everything pink and frilly. The more shiny something is the more you like it. I love having such a girly girl around!

You are FIVE now, Emma! It's time to register for kindergarten and embark on a whole new journey! We are so proud of who you are. Daddy and I love you very much!


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