Saturday, May 16, 2009


Yesterday, I took a cookie cake up to Emma's class. She was so excited. She got her birthday spankings and to pick something out of the birthday box.

(Yes, I forgot my camera..again...I know I am mother of the year over here.)

After school, Travis headed home and worked on the super duper surprise present. I took Emma to gymnastics and managed to get out of the house without her knowing a thing.

We got home and decided to just go straight to the back yard and play. When we did, Emma and Hannah saw:

THEIR NEW TRAMPOLINE! (it was a combined present for both just came in on time for Emma's birthday!)

Emma, Travis and Hannah had a ball jumping on the trampoline. I am so jealous because I desperately want to be up there showing off my mad skills (ha) too, but it's a no go until little Catherine arrives!

After dinner it was PRESENT TIME! I only snapped this one picture of Emma with her gift from Aunt Candi, Uncle Blake, Tyler and Taylor. She loves her change purse, bracelet and sassy new purse!

This morning, Honey and Daddy Brooks came over bright and early. Honey and I worked on the new bedrooms (for all three girls!) while Daddy Brooks and Travis built a new fence! However, no work started until the Daddy Brooks, Emma and Hannah jumped on the trampoline.

(Yes, Emma is in her pajamas...and Hannah is in a T-shirt and panties. Cut me some slack it was 8.30 on Saturday morning...what do you usually have on?)

After we did a little work, we headed to Fun City for Emma's birthday party. What would a birthday party be without a fabulous tutu outfit from Amanda at Bibs and Cribs!?We had a great time. Emma got lots of neat gifts and had a blast running around like a wild monkey. The cake and company was great. Thanks to everyone for attending!

Afterwards, it was back home for more work on the rooms plus some extra trampoline time. We had a wonderful day! Thanks, Honey and Daddy Brooks for coming all that way just to be put to work! ha!

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