Thursday, May 14, 2009

A BIG Busy Day!

The other day, when I got home from work, Emma met me at the door. (Travis had picked them up early).

She was so excited and the conversation went like this:

Emma: "HI MOMMY!"
Mommy: "Hi, Ems! How was your day?"
Emma: " was good. GUESS WHAT!?"
Mommy: "What?"
Emma: "Friday is my Birthday AND gymnastics AND Honey is coming to my house..."
Mommy: "I know! How exciting!"
Emma: "Oh Yes! Friday is just going to be such a BIG busy day for us!"

I was laughing so hard. She is quite the little planner and in her mind those three events couldn't be bigger or more exciting! (I agree)

(Stay tuned for birthday pictures tomorrow. Plus, party pictures on Saturday...and what would a party be without a SPECIAL outfit from Amanda!?)

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Molly said...

Happy Birthday Emma!!