Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend, we did what we always do...we packed up and headed to Hot Springs for a weekend on the lake and by the pool!

Friday night, we got there and met my parents, Jon and Nicole for dinner at my mom and dad's favorite place, KJs.

(Seriously, they eat there weekly...if not more!)

After dinner, we went back to there house. It wasn't exceptionally warm on Friday night, but the girls insisted on going swimming. So, Daddy Brooks got in the cold pool with the girls until their lips turned blue and we had to force them to get out.

Saturday morning, we got up and it was cloudy. I was so worried it would rain us out. But, we all got our bathing suits on and headed out to the pool. Travis was brave enough to swim with the girls that morning. I laid out and took tons of pictures, but avoided the pool.

(I also avoided the camera. Maternity bathing suits are NOT super cute!)

After lunch, we loaded up on the party barge for a boat ride. It was so fun and we found the sunshine! The girls love watching the front of the boat and telling Daddy Brooks to "go faster over the waves" from other boats. Honey put them in Daddy Brooks's lap and let them drive.

We got back to the house just in time for the sun to break out from behind the clouds. It was sunny for the rest of the afternoon. We had a blast playing Bag-O and swimming.
GrandDa and Daddy Ben stopped by with new baby dolls for the girls. They always spoil the girls and me! I got a special decoration for Catherine's room (which will debut later). Thanks, GrandDa and Daddy Ben!

Saturday night, we had a yummy dinner and played some more Bag-O. Jon and Nicole had to leave. We were sad to see them go, but are so excited. Next time we see them will be WEDDING WEEKEND! YAY!

Sunday, we got up to RAIN! BOO! So, we loaded up mid-morning and drove home. It was rainy all day, but we played inside and had a nice day. (Travis even snuck off to do some fishing during nap time).

Monday, we got up and played around the house for a while. After everyone got the lazies out, we ran some errands and got some more stuff for Catherine. It's 8 weeks until she arrives! I have to get busy and get her room done!

(pictures of her room and the girls new room coming soon!)

We had a great weekend and really enjoyed our time in Hot Springs as well as at home. Thanks, Honey and Daddy Brooks for letting us come play!

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