Sunday, May 31, 2009

A HOT Wet Weekend

Friday, Travis left to go work out of town for a few days.

(The down fall of a husband whose business is taking off...word gets around! :) But, we are so grateful for his work through the slow economy!)

So, it was just me and the wild girls for the weekend.

Friday night, we stayed up too late watching a movie on Disney. (Not sure what it was, Emma's choice). We popped popcorn and vegged out on the couch. I didn't have my camera handy and once both girls got cuddled up with me, I wasn't about to move! It was wonderful.

Saturday, we got up and I cleaned house while the girls played (read: destroyed their room!). Once that was all done, we threw on our bathing suits, filled the plastic pool up in the back yard and headed outside. We spent about two hours out there before lunch. I watched the girls go from the pool to the trampoline and back...FOR TWO HOURS! It made me tired!

We headed in for lunch and a nap. After nap (they both slept for 2 hours), we showered and met Meredith and Reece for dinner at AQ. Mer and I ALWAYS go to AQ when we meet for dinner. It's the only time either of us go because no one else will ever go with us! Reece is a doll and he slept through dinner. The girls were FASCINATED with him and begged Mer to bring him over.

They came to the house and hung out for a few hours. Reece was so good the whole time. He tolerated my girls in his face and trying to put necklaces on him! This is the first time Hannah has had interaction with a baby as little as him. She was so good with him! It really eased some of my worries about how she would act when Catherine arrives. She made sure he had his "sassy" at all times...even if he didn't want it. Emma of course was wonderful and wanted to hold him the whole time. I feel a very spoiled youngest sister coming on!

Today, we got up early and headed to the grocery store. We actually made it though with no major meltdowns! We came home and played for a while. Then, we ate lunch and napped. I worked on Catherine's room while they napped.

After nap, it was back outside to the pool for "swimming". Ha! It was really a good weekend. We miss Travis very much, but still enjoyed our "girls only" weekend!

Say a prayer for me in the morning. Travis does breakfast and plays with the girls while I finish getting ready, then I take over for dressing and getting out of the door. It should be interesting with him gone! Hope you had a good weekend!

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The Stearns Family said...

I like AQ! Maybe we can go our next lunch date!