Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Busy Weekend

This weekend was a busy one for us!

Saturday, the girls and I went to Lauren's wedding shower. We had a great time and managed to keep it pretty well together during the whole thing. Catherine got a little fussy when she was hungry, but don't we all! :) We had a blast and Lauren got tons of great stuff. (As I was keeping up with three little monkeys, I didn't take any pics. Sorry!)

Saturday night, Travis and I went to a Booze and Screws party for Lauren and Ben. It was at On the Rocks on Dickson. My mom came up and kept the girls so we could enjoy our night out. We left the house about 6:30, went to dinner and then to the party. We stayed until 9:30! I could hardly believe we made it that long.

When we got home, Emma and Hannah were sleeping in our bed. Catherine was sleeping on the couch as she had to eat again at 10:00. My mom was sitting with her and had my house all picked up from the tornadoes (Emma and Hannah). Travis and I sat up for a little while talking to my mom. Apparently, we were disturbing Miss Catherine. We looked over at her and this is what we saw: WHAT A DRAMA QUEEN!

Sunday, Sarah VanBebber threw a Sip n' See for Catherine and I. It was tons of fun. She did such a great job. There was delicious food, petifores and coffee punch. It was so good to get to see everyone. Sarah Fries brought Owen and Meredith brought Reece. Those two boys are quite the pair! They are both such cute chunky monkeys! I didn't take any pictures (I know I know!), but luckily my mom snapped a few!

Monday, Catherine's "stump" FINALLY fell off. She got to have a real bath. We were all so excited. It was such a family affair. You can see below how incredibly impressed she was!
Today, we did absolutely NOTHING! We played tea party, restaurant, pet shop and took a few much needed naps! It was a good day!

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