Thursday, August 27, 2009

Elmo Show

Tuesday evening, Hannah and I headed to Ft. Smith to watch Elmo's Green Thumb. She was so felt like we were NEVER going to get there.
We made it and got to our seats. While we were passing time (we got there 45 minutes early), we took some pictures. The one below is the only one of us that turned out decent.
Finally the show started. Hannah climbed up on my lap and was in awe. It was a great show and she loved it all. After it was over, she asked me, "Was Elmo too tired? He had to go home and go night-night like me, right Mommy?" SO CUTE!
We had a great time together. It wasn't over until 9 and we still had the drive home. Hannah and I were talking and singing up a storm. She was telling me about how much she LOVES Taylor Swift and fell asleep mid-sentence! I love this girl!


Anonymous said...

So cute! Sounds like y'all had a great time. Boni! You look just like your mom in that picture. I couldn't believe it! I hope everything is going great!


Molly said...

I SO agree with Kimberly. That was the first think I thought when I looked at that picture! :)Glad to see that other toddlers like Taylor Swift, too.

~ Cassidie said...

Aww, too cute. That was so special for just you two to go! I'm glad you had so much fun!!

The Stearns Family said...

I so wish I would have known about it a lot sooner. Parker would have loved to go. She loved looking at the pictures of Hannah. We have to get those kids together!