Thursday, August 6, 2009

Oh Yes She DID!!!

I have a few funnies/HURRAYS about my girls....


Yesterday, she was walking around with her hands in her pockets. The convo went like this:

Me: Hannah, what are you doing?
Hannah: I me know (I don't know).
Me: Do you have a Wocket in your pocket?
Hannah: giggles. NO!
Me: What's in your pocket?
Hannah: HUFF! My hands, Mommy!

She just walked off...HANDS IN POCKETS...


I was getting Catherine dressed and ready for the day. Emma was looking at her. The convo went like this:

Emma: Catherine has little boobies.
Me: Yes, well, she's a little girl
Emma: Yeah...they aren't big like yours.
Me: laughing. Nope.
Emma: When will my boobies be big like yours? I just think I really want to wear a bra.


Obviously, there was no conversation. Yes, she is getting two teeth, but I think she will hold out on talking for a month or two! HA!

But, she did sleep 8 hours last night! YES! 8 WHOLE HOURS! I was shocked...and when she woke up to eat at 4.30, I was ready for the day!!! :) YAY, CATHERINE GRACE! KEEP IT UP!

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