Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Finally FINALLY...I got to go pick up Emma at school today.

She had a GREAT time! She said she only cried for a minute after I left and then she showed her teacher how she could write her name and draw a heart. This is what I heard when she got in the car:

"IT.WAS.AWESOME! The playground in huge and my friends from Coleman's, Abby and Cole, are at this school and we went to music class and it was pink and the music teachers name was Mrs. Tears and she has a pink cage. In the cage are rats and next week we get to hold them and I didn't sleep during rest time because the music was up too loud. And, Mommy, everytime I looked out the window today, I thought about you." ( "I love school and I am going to go back tomorrow and we are going to be in a different class tomorrow for activities and next week we will have our regular teacher and I ate all my lunch and it was SO good. Can I take a juice box AND a water bottle tomorrow? Guess what else? I didn't even go to the office today! YAY ME!"

Yeah...that was how it went...I didn't get a word in. Needless to say, she loved it and can't wait to go back tomorrow. After she told me everything, she called her Daddy at work and then Honey (while she ate her snack).

Hannah missed her so much today. (I will post about our day was a messy one!) She has followed Emma to every room she went to today...even the bathroom! (I think Emma secretly missed her too!). As I type this they are playing "Coffee Baby" (no idea what that is...). Catherine is, of course, asleep...

I love these girls!


Molly said...

That's so exciting! I'm glad she loved it. YAY ME? You should lay off the Suite Life of Zach and Cody (London) haha!

Kimmie Williamson said...

Hey Bonnie! I sure do love reading about your family. I teach kindergarten and I'm sure Emma will have a BLAST! It is so much fun! Take care
Kimmie Williamson

The Mills- Wes, Jen, and Aubri said...

You did it! umm...I mean, SHE did it! I am proud of both of you!