Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Emma's First Day (Morning Post)

This morning was such an exciting morning in our house!


This is the first time since Catherine was born that I HAD to be somewhere with three kids in the morning...

We got up. Travis fixed a yummy breakfast of eggs, bacon and toast. He also made her lunch. I got the girls all dressed. Then, we waited...we were ready to go a FULL hour before it was time! I guess tomorrow we can sleep in a little!

Emma was so excited and talking up a storm before we got in the car. Hannah was excited for her sister. Catherine...well...she slept through the fun!

Once we got in the car and headed to school, it was a different story! Emma was quiet. We were talking to her with only one word responses. I knew then...she was nervous!

We pulled up to the school and found a parking spot. Travis and the little girls stayed in the car while I took Emma in. As we were walking in, she said "My tummy hurts, Mommy". I asked her if it was because she was nervous and she said yes.

We got to her classroom and found out that her friend, Abby, from Preschool was in her class. I thought, "Good, someone to calm her down." But, as we got further into the room, I realized there were 5 girls in there and they were all crying.

Emma was tough at first, but when I went to leave, her eyes teared up and the head dropped. I told her it was going to be fun and I had to leave. She whispered "Ok" and gave me a hug and a kiss.

I walked tears of course. But, she will be fine. I can't wait to pick her up and hear all about her day this afternoon! I will post all about it!


Rachel said...

What a sweetie!!! I loved your comment!!! We did make it, but it is going to be a looooooong day =)! She looked so cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

Boni~ I can't believe that Emma is already in school. It seems just like yesterday that she was born and we were going to the lake a few weeks later! I know you will make it throught this week b/c you are "one tough cookie"! Emma looks just like you did in Jack n Jill!!!

~Jessica :)