Friday, August 7, 2009

Two Weeks

Catherine is two weeks old today.

She had her two week check up with Dr. Lovell and everything looks great. She had a heart murmur when she was born and that is all cleared up. Everything looks just as it should!

She weighs 7'9 (back to her birth weight) and it 20 1/2 inches long. Catherine is eating 4 oz every 4 hours. She is a sleeping machine, but has started to stay awake for longer periods of time during the day.

Her sisters still adore her. Emma seems to be kind of losing interest because "All she does is eat and sleep, Mom!".

Hannah, on the other hand, loves being a big sister. She wants to go get things and "help" all the time!

We are so blessed to have such a healthy baby, not to mention two amazing healthy older sisters.

(Now, I have been shunned for the lack of pictures, so I am made up for it in this post.)


The Campell's said...

They are so precious!! But next time you update your blog, check out your profile under your name... two girls should be three!! Blake caught that!! LOL!!! Hope all is well! Can't wait to see you guys.

Rachel said...

Sweet sweet pictures!!! You are so blessed!!!!